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We often plant trees in the traditional way of growing trees on the soil environment, so we can say that the soil is an environment containing water and nutrients that help plants absorb and grow.
Nowadays, besides using land, other types of organic media (growing media) are also used to plant trees.
Organic media are considered as a clean medium and supplemented with beneficial nutrients for plants, growing with organic media has been used by advanced countries around the world for many years and has the advantage of replacing. Soil planting, closed production process, control of disease and disease transmission factors.
At present, planting with organic media has become a trend among orchid, ornamental plants and some other high value crops, in addition to growing on medium media, it is also applied in agriculture and planting. Clean vegetables, clean fruits and many other agricultural crops.
Pine bark a medium of high nutritional value suitable for many crops, especially orchids, ornamental plants, clean vegetables and valuable plants value in agriculture, with many advantages compared to other common media types.
Eco Footprint currently distributes two types of media from Pine bark


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